Animal Adventures

Family Zoo & Rescue Center

Classes by Animal Adventures and Dr. Ed Laquidara

Owl Handling Class

November 24th...6pm

Come and learn all about our Eurasian Eagle Owls and even learn how to hold them. These classes are very limited on space and spots are first come, first serve. 

$50 per person. 

Call the office to buy tickets today!

Fox Class

Nov. 17th..............6pm

Come join us for an up close experience with the Foxes of Animal Adventures. You will meet and interact with our Beautiful Pale and Fennec Foxes. And have an up close lesson with the Red, Arctic, and Pearl Foxes!

$50 Per Person.

Call the office to buy tickets today! 

Baby Animals... Need we say more? 

November 11th.......6pm

2 Nights only you will get a hands on encounter with the babies of the zoo. Meet and learn about Aquilla the baby North American Porcupine, Rocco, the young Agile Wallaby, Arrow the Pearl Fox(no touch) and many others and a few surprises you'll have to come and see for yourself. 

$50 Per Person.

Call the office to buy tickets today!